Țara de Sus

Traditional products made in Bucovina.


Tradition since 1972.

Pentru orice buzunar

Cheap and good.

About our factory

"Canned meat and refrigerating factory Scheia"

SC FACOS SA is located in the northern part of Romania, on the European road E567, in the area of Şcheia Suceava, 23 km from Salcea Suceava airport and 40 km from the border with Ukraine (Siret Customs).


  • The factory was built in 1972 and it was called the “Canned meat and refrigerating factory Scheia", the Romanian state held 100% of the shares
  • Since January 1999, the State sold its shares at SC FACOS SA to a Romanian private company
  • Between 2004 and 2006 a SAPARD investment program was carried out, aiming at modernizing and endowing the production and storage facilities according to the standards required by European food safety legislation
  • At present, the subscribed and paid-up share capital of the company is 8,159,382.5 lei divided into 3,263,753 nominative shares with face value of 2.5 lei.
  • The Company is headed by the General Meeting of Shareholders and between its sessions by the Sole Administrator – SAVCOM SRL represented by Savu Daniel Ilie.
  • Executive management is conducted by the General Director.


  • Until 1994, FACOS exported to: North America (Canada), USSR (Russia), Japan, Germany, Greece and Sweden
  • Currently, FACOS exports canned foods to: EU (Germany, England, Italy) and Canada.

Field of activity

The main activity according to CAEN is:

  • 1013 – Manufacture of meat products (including poultry meat)
    • Cutting, processing and preserving of beef, pork, poultry
    • Manufacture of meat products (including poultry meat)

Quality is the basic principle behind the development of any FACOS product.

The range of products we make is addressed to:

  • All age categories (children, young people, adults, elderly people)
  • The products have a specific national taste
  • Products under license follow the specific gastronomic habits of different geographic areas

The quality of the finished product is given by the quality of the ingredients used in optimal proportions.

The raw materials are natural, sourced from unpolluted areas.

Natural spices and packaging materials come from suppliers that FACOS selects according to well-established criteria.

All suppliers are in compliance with international food safety standards.